Snorkel cabo de gata

Snorkeling in Cabo de Gata, an astonishing journey to the underwater world of the hand of an expert. Discover the seabed of the natural park of Cabo de Gata-Nijar.

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Actividad de Snorkeling en Cabo de Gata

Snorkeling in cabo de gata is one of the activities to do in the cabo de gata-nijar more natural. Snorkeling in cabo, combined with activities such as kayaking, are one of the most activities demanded.

On the coast of the mediterranean sea in Spanish, all along the western corridor, it is interesting to observe that you can dive with the wind, though the wind mills in villages attends the lift.

Hacer snorkel en cabo de gata, experiencia para el recuerdo

El parque natural ofrece zonas para el buceo en cabo de gata extraordinarias. En pleno corazón del parque podemos encontrar lugares como San José, laa cala de San Pedro o la playa de San Miguel.

It is a wonder to be able to discover the funds, and all those rinconcitos and places that accompany you. Need something different, as the access to the coves was a difficult thing, and besides, the sea was stirred.

If we localize the beach next to the lighthouse, we talk about two or three days, maximum 7 people, and minimum 4, including people with mobility, who are interested.

Where to snorkel in almeria?

The best coves of almeria to snorkel, such as playa de monsul, a virgin beach of sand, paradise. Desde Roquetas de mar, ya podemos encontrar estrellas de mar, abundantes en todo el mar mediterraneo.

If you're wondering where you can, and you know, you want to know that you will be able to find also to enjoy without any fear, because we have accident insurance, provided with a secure payment assistance relevant.

Discover what is the price per person, what it includes, either the average price of 30€ or the bus.

Places to snorkel in andalusia

If we consider places like cala del plomo, cala de enmedio, or the cala del cuervo, we will be closing our activity in the legendary places of the costa almeria.

The visitors today, uepodemos make between the ins and outs of the day, we can share it on facebook or twitter, by clicking to view and share in google.

In any travel guide, either in pdf or provided by a travel agent, you can include in your plans the activity to the aircraft.

Snorkel Carboneras

Carboneras offers area for snorkeling as the cape area, and the area of the park, to the north, next to the villages of the most beautiful in Spain.

It is precisely these beaches facilitate the practice of the activity. Recommend areas such as water bitter, as well as aguadulce, where, in addition to the routes of kayak that can be carried by boat or hiking, we can see the photos realiadas at the cape.

Snorkel in cabo de gata, consisteen perform the activity itself unz excursion, without need to undertake a course, even if they are different modalities.

What are the best beaches to snorkel in cabo de gata?

The best beaches to snorkel in cabo de gata, as a dive centre, in which if never made the baptism of diving you'll be able to access the great courses.

We talk about beaches and coves inaccessible, small and pristine, where the best beaches such as san jose, complement activities other such as routes in a kayak or guided tours, boat or on horseback.

Since it is holy week, or a week-end, or middle of August, we must make special mention of the program for families, since the history of the place, or painted and full of local contrasts in the natural park.

Performs a simple route by the funds of rock, sand and posidonia meadow, an hour of funto enjoy the scenery, the flora and fauna with your partner, family or friends. An unforgettable experience!

Opening hours: from 10: 00 to 12:00 16:30 and 18:30


Price: 30 € for an adult and€ 20 child.


Groups: small, 5 people per guide.


The price includes amazing pictures

Includes: goggles, snorkel, fins, and shorty. We have Decatlhon masks

Snorkeling in Cabo de Gata

snorkeling in san jose

For two hours, over two kilometers, the activity of snorkelling can be carried as a physical activity coordinated on the seabed, rocky bottoms, as well as the sandy bottoms.

We are a marine reserve, whose information and bookings, to make the contact, in the event that it is online. If you're looking for a destination that is named in our blog, and the next is Spain, don't hesitate.

Selection of coves where you can snorkel in cabo de gata

The coves for snorkeling in cabo de gata, are a place of departure, spectacular and suitable beaches for snorkeling. Without a doubt have so much charm, so much more than the best beaches you have ever known, because it was a lot that I was doing a tour boat or sailing boat, where the kayaks take us to the snorkeling in Almeria.

Where to snorkel in cabo de gata?

As we find in the forum snorkeling cabo de gata, in the coast of almería and, more specifically, in cape coast, we located where to bathe, and where we can make active holidays, in addition to rural tourism, activities, all specific to the tourism of andalusia.

Almeria also adds to the beaches of crystal clear waters, with turquoise waters where do snorkeling with transparent waters and the water perfectly clear.

Possibly, since the boat ride, beyond the promenade, san jose or cabo de gata, near the hotel we found the activity.

The snorkeling cabo de gata

The best experience as well as the best beach in order to achieve the option with the funds best preserved. Once we leave the trailhead we locate funds mainos, combined with rocky as well as sandy.

This type of diving, also made the peaks of europe, and it includes all the characteristics of snorkeling in europe, mentioned in the forums referrals.

The places of departure typical of this type of points, they get their output channel professional snorkeling almeria. for this reason, in some photos you can see, and videos, made by travellers, always accompanied by the destination they seek whether in the car, with or without a mate, to find food.

snorkel in the black

The snorkeling in the black, framed in the diving close to the playazo, accessible by boat routes to the coves. Just around the reef of the finger, are located near the fabriquilla whose reef photographed opts for a particular feature.

We will highlight The Black, all of that underwater world, that after the return of the champions beyond the end of a world order, ideal for holidays with children in the summer, and in the turn, even if they are single parents.


In Ecoágata we teach you from scratch.

1.- Choose your team; glasses of your size that fit your face, tube, single or dry, if you need to mask Decathlon that allows you to breathe through the nose, we have all the sizes. XS-S, S-M, M-L and L-XL. Fins of your size and wetsuit to stay warm.

2.- Proof-of-glasses-and-tube in the water to avoid the crystals tarnished and possible drawbacks .

3.- The technique: use of fins and for the most advanced stroke kidney to make the small apneas that allow us to see the flora and fauna of the extraplomos, cavities, and seabed.

4.- Tour of the different funds (sand, rock and meadow of posidonia) where we have localized singular species such as the nacra or coral orange.

5.- Final summary in group reviewing the species observed

ECOSNORKEL: All our activity maintains a high degree of respect for the environment. Avoiding the trampling of the seabed, the direct contact with the flower and fauna and picking up the garbage found in our itinerary submarine.

SAFETY: Safety first. Specialized monitors, safety buoy, flotation devices for people who demand it or they need it and always prudence as an ally.